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Piloxing/Kickboxing in Fostoria

Piloxing is a combined cardio workout which includes both Pilates and Boxing. The workout combines all the power moves of boxing and kickboxing for an intense cardio workout to burn calories, while also incorporating Pilates movements to help tone and strengthen! Half-pound gloves are worn on each hand to tone the body!

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Zumba in Fostoria

Zumba Fitness is a high energy latin dance fitness class. You will dance an hour away quickly with this fun and easy-to-learn class.  You will burn 800+ calories per class and quickly party your way into shape! This class is located in Fostoria Ohio at 300 N. Main Street Fostoria Ohio at the ELK (Grooveline) […]

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Kettle & Core

CORE & MORE: Cut to the core! Strengthen your abs and lower back while toning and tightening your entire core! This routine works key muscles using Kettle bells, weights and body weight creating a lean, strong body. Plus, we’ve included cardio that tackles your core while simultaneously working to burn some serious fat.  

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